About the Swords of Saint Michael   

A Basic FAQ:

What is the Swords of Saint Michael? 

Originally founded in 2008 by Kenneth Deel, whom today along with his Wife Farah, have revived the org to set inline with the Roman Catholic church as a "Healing Ministry".  The goal is to assist in  this ministry, helping to diagnose and solve all matters of spiritual warfare where it may begin as a true "infestation" or a true haunting.

A Need to weed out the facts from the myths and false teachings.
We see how New Age beliefs have seeped into these topics, even practicing Catholics, unknowingly waving Sage around their home, not realizing this is a pagan custom.

What it is not for is self promoting, please do not try to use the community and org for your own “self-promotion.” This field that other wise should be works of Charity has been saturated with those who seek fame or recognition. “Pride” interferes with the true work, this is what we want to avoid.

Is Saint Michael Dot Org a “Ghost Hunting Group”?

No, refer to the description of what the Swords of Saint Michael was created for. There may be Ghost hunters there, but they are here to learn as our education is available to EVERYONE. 
The goal here again is to contribute to the solutions, not the problem. Trophy hunters are presenting a  problem, Science types going in for research do so reckless often, so are atheist and have no clue what they re dealing with is not PK ENERGY at all. But a malicious Entity that is older than the earth itself. We are not expecting to change Atheist into “Believers” or Pseudo-Science types into people of faith. But we can help provide some answers to point them in the right direction.

Why the name? Swords of Saint Michael?

To be more universal across more Christian denominations, not just Catholic/Orthodox Saint Michael is a recognized icon across all of Christianity, where Saint Benedict for example is more exclusive to the Early Christian/Catholic. The idea is to bridge to gap and to not start with a name of a person not recognized so much by other denominations. Saint Michael the Arch Angel Warrior well represents what we stand for.

This org is NOT to be confused with another org on the web headed by one who calls himself “Brother”, yet is not even recognized as a Catholic Monk by the church in any way. That org is tarnished as it’s creator also did a year in jail for possession of Child porn. In there again be careful were you go for help and study…

What is the difference between a community member and an Affiliate member?

Affiliate members are people who have been 'pre-screened' for validation. This might include background checks where there might be a need.

 This filtering process help us to only recommend and network truly qualified individuals for referral.  We back the people whom are represented 'Affiliates' through the "Swords of Saint Michael".  These are the members who will refer to people under who contact us in need of any kind of assistance.

How does it work?

Contacting the swords of Saint Michael, your case will be analyzed and assessed as to get you in touch with the right person. This will be an initial investigation phase.

After that, they will in turn point you to either some suggested solutions and or the proper personal to take it further. Which might be clergy, or a mental/Medical health professional in your area for example. At times further investigation will be warranted “In person” to be diagnose the haunting.
Regardless, Prayer teams begin prayers for the would be afflicted immediately after the case is opened.


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