SoS Network Affialiates 

What is an “Affiliate” member exactly?

Affiliate members are people who have been 'pre-screened' for validation. This might include background checks where there might be a need.

 This filtering process help us to only recommend and network truly qualified individuals for referral.  We back the people whom are represented 'Affiliates' through
the "Swords of Saint Michael".

How will you choose members for the network whom apply?

The applicant will submit a request based on their profession. This will have to be verified, the “Screening” process  is part of helping to “weed out” members whom will be counter productive to our goals. For example, Non-Catholic “Deliverance ministers” will treat “Catholics” like “Satanists”.  Such as in one case where the possessed was forced by a ministry in Texas to renounce his Catholic faith, the Blessed Virgin Mary, The Catholic Saints, and they cast out the “Demon of Catholism”. As you can see form this example, a screening is necessary as there can be a prejudice and ignorance of the Catholic faith with some ministries of ‘other’ denominations.

Mental Health Professionals are another example, send a possession case to “Psychiatrist” or “Psychologist” who doesn’t in the least understand “Spiritual warfare” or the reality of spirits in this world. And he will stamp the person insane, which is not getting them help at all.

A “screening” will weed out such biased and these professionals we refer WILL know and understand the science and spiritual. Not just one side.

I see some proclaimed “Demonologist” representing your organization, and this concerns me.

 “Demonologist” as a term is more recently understood to be a “Specialist” who has a vast knowledge, experience and understanding of how demons can affect our lives. 
What some would care a Spiritual Warfare specialist, a Consultant, and investigator of
supposed ‘demonic’ haunting.  The reason some are feeling jittery about this title, if from it’s past reference to the office of the inquisitor (1577), those who practice a form of witchcraft conjuring demons.   When author Gerald Brittle published his book chronicling the work of Ed and Lorraine Warren. He created the title ‘religious Demonologist” in order to describe the unusual work Ed Warren would do.
Now it has sort of become a word more used in the mainstream for ghost hunting groups who want to focus on “demonic hauntings” they will typically anoint their own specialist internally, who will carry the title unduly: “Demonologist”
Anyone who is an “Affiliate” of the Swords of Saint Michael, has been pre-screened, this includes anyone who might be called a demonologist.  So that all that remain are the true specialist, weeding out the many who showcase this title because of the ‘fad’ that seems to be somewhat going on, due to the vast number of TV shows that glorify the work.

Can I see a Published list of members? Can I contact specific members directly?

No. Only SoS administrators will have full access to the list.
This is in part because these “Professionals” do not want there names where ANYONE can abuse the information or contact them directly without someone initially investigating their claims. 
In this, only by contacting SoS through the website might get you in touch with one of many counselor / investigators initially. You can not request a specific person or specify their profession. It will be up to the investigators to determine what personnel will be contacted, this is so people don’t go in requesting an “exorcist” right off, when they might need truly a “mental health professional” for example.

Do you publish a “BLACKLIST” of people who you deemed unqualified as an affiliate?

If you wish to validate someone as an ‘Affiliate’, we would be more than happy to.
(Limited number of requests, serious inquiries only) However, in most cases information we attain while screening our applicants are for internal use only. 

People will assume if one is not a affiliate member that they might have been rejected.
This can be easy to assume, since we will invite personally all of those we deem as qualified.  The only thing we can say is being a member is validation, not being a member could mean anything but validation.  In this referral network, again the idea is to pre-screen and weed out the good from the bad, the true from the fraud.  It should be in anyone’s interest to validate those you will refer to a client, and never simply take their word for it. “I am a Demonologist” there are many “actor” and “story tellers” out there who are not at all qualified for the real work. Beware!!


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