A Basic FAQ:

Why the Group?

To socialize to learn, it will also act as a level of recruitment, some might demonstrate the “right stuff”, a sincere desire to do this work for the “right” reasons, and convey a knowledge and understanding of these topics that will qualify them possibly as an “affiliate” or even working later as on an Administration level within the Org itself.

What is the difference between a Group member and an Affiliate member?

Just about “Anyone” who agrees to the site rules can join up for free, this is an open community forum.

Affiliate members are people who have been 'pre-screened' for validation. This might include background checks where there might be a need.

 This filtering process help us to only recommend and network truly qualified individuals for referral.  We back the people whom are represented 'Affiliates' through the "Swords of Saint Michael".

These are the members who will refer to people under who contact us in need of any kind of assistance.

   Access and Community rules:  



All faith/belief systems are welcome, however please note this is strictly a Christian Community. Please carefully review the site guidelines! Thanks!
~ Please stick to the Topics: Exorcisms, Spiritual Warfare, Angels and Demons, "Deliverance", "Haunted places", the Catechism, Christianity, and so forth...
~ Please note that any promotion or defense of what is considered as "occult practices" including "New Age", will be in the least [[deleted]] immediately. This is to be expected as we follow close to the Christian faith.
~ All members need to respect all other members. We follow Christ’s Law of Love in this group.
~ If you disagree with someone on significant issues, express such disagreement with love, compassion, and understanding.
~ This group is devoted to ecumenism. ALL denominations and faiths are welcome to join so long as they follow the guideline set forth here.
~ Excessive antagonism against Christianity in general will not be tolerated.
~ There is an absolute zero tolerance policy for obscenity of any kind. Obscenity gets one warning. After that, a user making obscene comments will be banned.
~ All heresies, demonic doctrines, false teachings, and anything blatantly contradiction to the teaching of the Christian Church or the 77 books of Holy Bible will quickly be abolished and/or corrected.
~Fiction, Mythology, and other sources of false information provided about "Demonology" and "Spiritual warfare" will quickly be abolished and/or corrected. As to not confuse the facts.
~Anyone attacking members of this forum either here or elsewhere will be banned.
~No spamming! This means do not send out emails for solicitation of goods, services or other forums!
~We can not control the google ads on the right side pane. This is a free site, and without donations in the least we are not setup to pay 'extra' to not display ads.
~ We do not tolerate "Demonology" presented from the side of the enemy, posting support for the works of "The Lesser Keys of Solomon" for example, will be deleted, or possible get you banned (*depending on the persons action in the past)

Music, Photo, Video - Content Guidelines

Please review your content before uploading or posting on this site.

Basic guidelines:

+ Please post your own picture for you profile icon, or something that adequately represents you.
Please no "Monsters" "Devil or demons", if you feel a need to represent yourself with something
that looks "diabolical" in nature you may want to reconsider joining this group.

+ No Occult symbols or icons, and images promoting the occult specifically.
+ No content depicting nudity, "sexy" pictures might receive complaints and if they do they will have to be removed.
+ Music or image containing foul language, curse words, words that are considered anti-God/Christian Sentiments.

In other words be sure you content respect the Christian Faith. A picture of you and your friends dressed for 'Halloween' doesn't constitute 'promoting the occult" for example.  After all, we are all not hard core "fundamentalist" here. So I think common sense will help you determined where these rules apply.

DISCLAIMER (links, forums, etc.) :

This group is devoted to orthodox Catholic teaching in the spirit of ecumenism. Therefore, if you are not Catholic, you are more than welcome to join! However, it must be known that Catholic orthodoxy is important and it will obeyed, followed, and incorporated as much as possible. I endorse the weblinks I post on the page though I don’t guarantee that the views they express are necessarily my own views or the official views of the Catholic Church. Spiritual discernment is required in deciphering what is true and from God and what is not. Also, in the forums, I make this a place of discussion though I do not claim all views expressed in the forum area are necessarily my own or those of the Catholic Church.

If you agree to these terms - Click on the  I AGREE! button to join!

I AGREE!           
NOTE: You will still need to 'sign up' - don't worry your e-mail will not be sued to spam you or solicite advertising

And on behalf of the SoSM org - Kenneth & Farah Deel




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