For Haunting Help 


Some might be merely curious about an apparition, or indications of 'paranormal activity',
other consider it a 'problem' and threat, and want it to 'go away'.
It is not our goal to help you study it, but to be rid of what ever is plaguing you in your life.
Talk with one of our specialist about your situation and we can begin to help you immediately...

You can correspond by either of two methods:

You can do so privately discussing your case with
an SoS 'Affiliate advisors': (A very short list, the full list is not published publicly)

And we will get you in touch with a qualified Specialist

Or if there is no need for you to be so discreet,
feel free to post publicly, the community is a sort of
"Think Tank", you'll find it a valued resource for "Self-Help".

It is recommended that you have an qualified specialist assigned to your case here.
If you get ANYONE who offers to help you here behind the scenes in a more discreet manner. (i.e. private e-mail) be sure to ask if they are a certified affiliate member, and be sure to notify
Ken to verify this to be sure they are recognized and authorized as an advisor on this site by the Swords Of Saint Michael dot org.
While the community is open to many, but who we allow to advice people in need is quit another matter.
Over time we accumulate a "white list" of those who have proven to have the knowledge and understanding of "Ghost and Demonic hauntings" for example.

Please be advised of this before accepting help from anyone!


Initial advice:

Self Help!
Do you believe you are being


A true Haunting is a "spiritual matter" not a “scientific” one.

Fortunately, the Christian Faith has many resources and a rich history
 in handling cases like these.

Do not Call "Ghost Hunters!"

Most Ghost Hunting groups carry a mix of other faiths and belief systems that we as Christians should not allow in our home.
You should seek only Catholic/Christian solutions. 'SAGE Smudging' for example, is a common solution used by these groups. This is a pagan ritual and can make matters worse.
Note: The more "negative" type hauntings may have spirits that will purposely avoid detection. Thus leaving inconclusive or false results. Bottom line, be careful with whom you let into your home and call for help. If you have a real problem haunting, try talking to your parish priest first. Or you can even reach our organization through our website.

Do not attempt spirit contact

To put it simply, do not use Ouija Boards, pendulums, or even "Psychic-Mediums" to identify or communicate with a spirit as these can make matters worse. If a spirit truly needs your help, prayers of intercession offered for the soul(s) is the way to go.

Catholic/Orthodox: There are many specific prayers for the "Poor souls" written throughout history in the Catholic/Orthodox faith. (See the Prayer Warriors section)

A word on the occult

All Christians should refrain from dabbling in occult practices such as with tarot cards, astrology, séance’s, even getting psychic readings "for fun". These practices should NOT be part of your life as a Christian. There are no "White" Witches. All prayer not offered to the one true God, are prayers to Satan and his minions. Period! Because of TV and Movie themes showcasing Witchcraft with a supposed "good" or "white" side, always note the dark side reveals its true nature. Whatever your intentions of asking for "Good" things from the devil, or "bad "things, you are still going to another for things you should go to GOD for.

Symptoms of a Dark Spirit Haunt

Besides the activity and occurrences one might experience that is clearly "para-normal". One can note things that are evident in typical Dark Spirit hauntings. That are often overlooked and passed off as "normal." However, it is not as simple as a short checklist. The more subtle traits you find, the more likely it will spell "H-A-U-N-T-I-N-G." Sleep paralysis, for example, might have a medical explanation, but can more often be related to something paranormal and might indicate the presence of "dark spirits." You might find yourself waking at precisely 3AM at night, this also can be something to note. "Shadow people" are not a good thing and when you think you see them. These may be an early indication of a haunting. Start the proper prayers now, rather than later, they can be found on our website as well as a list of more indications that you might be haunted.

GOD helps those who help themselves!

Most often we find that it all revolves around this, rather than a classic haunting that suddenly stirs up. People bring it on themselves with their lifestyles, habits of sin, and dabbling with what they believe as "Harmless" in occult practices. It is becoming an epidemic in the last five years because of the media as well as the moral decline of the nation. People have to make up their minds to change their spiritual diet, just as a diabetic has to exclude sugar. Once we are "Haunted" by negative spirits, we must begin or renew a higher path of spirituality within the church.

The Armor of God

Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens. Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground. So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate, and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace. In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all (the) flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. (Ephesians 6:10-17)

What you can do as a Christian

Some hauntings gain strength because of the spiritual or psychological state of one or more of the family members of the household. The recent death of a loved one could begin a visitation. More often sudden occurrences that would indicate something paranormal are often attributed to recent changes that you might be aware of.

The following suggestions are good practices regardless if you are being haunted or not. These will help if you are faced with something of a “dark nature.”

1. Spiritual: Take a deep look at your spiritual life. Are you living a life pleasing to God? Mass every Sunday? Daily prayers? Confession? Sin is a lure for dark spirits. It may be time to take a higher spiritual path toward Jesus and setting aside a sinful way of life.

2. Occult practices: Do you dabble in occult practices? Play with Ouija Boards, Tarot Cards, consult Psychic Mediums? White Witchcraft? Even reading books on Witchcraft out of curiosity in your home is an “Invitation” to a dark spirit. These practices need to stop.

3. Psychological: The overtone of your household environment can play a part in your overall psychological well being. Is there stress, bickering, deep seeded resentment or anger towards another? These things can bring negative emotions and can draw and empower dark spirits. Try hard to ease the tension and ill feelings in the house. Psychological ailments such as depression can also play a part. Seek professional help for these ailments, to heal the mind.

4. Say prayers of “Deliverance”, prayers to break curses. Just to be on the safe side. A curse might be a result of walking over a cursed grave site or inadvertently by the things that you say. Prayers for the "poor souls" only work for spirits in purgatory. Also, you will want to Join the "Spiritual Warriors - Prayer teams" here in the community and post a request prayers to help

5. (Catholic/Orthodox) Sacramentals. The Catholic faith offers many, such as the Saint Benedict Medal (, wear it daily on a neck chain. The “Miraculous” Medal is good also. You will want to get them blessed by your parish Priest. SAINT BENEDICT MEDALS are available free for those in need. Contact Admin Ken for more info! (They are Blessed) These are for those who need them ASAP, we won't be giving away medals for the 'boundary' blessing (four corners blessing), they are only for individuals who need them now, (wear them on a chain!), rather than later awaiting an order by mail and the blessing of a priest. Help to build your "armor". Also, more Free sacramentals can be found here.
Note: you may need to get them "blessed".

6a. Catholic Clergy. Consult with clergy for spiritual advice to help you and your family get back on track. Do not go running to the nearest Priest and directly ask for an "Exorcism" on your house or on a person. An Exorcism would be for the church to decide, you can state your concerns and a possible need for 'deliverance prayers' if you find these solutions are not enough. However, consider church involvement as a Last resort. Most of this involves taking these steps to a higher spiritual path as outlined in #1. Have your parish Priest bless your house AFTER you get other things in order in your life.

6b. Deliverance Ministers - Some might go over-board and tell you that you have a "Demon" when you don't, but it never hurts to have a "healing" session and prayers said on your behalf when you
have a true "Problem haunting". This could help to break any attachments, just "Be careful" when approaching some Denominations and church groups.

7. Keep it separate. Do not discuss your spiritual matters with a Psychologist or even a Medical Doctor. Many in the medical field are "Blinded by science" and even Atheist. Many will try to explain true encounters as "Imagination" or "Medical." After all, do we take our car problems to a plumber? The best you can do is to see if your parish Priest or local Archdiocese can recommend a medical science professional who is of your 'Christian' denomination - and knows very well that "Hauntings" can indeed occur, and they have a sound understanding of how "Spiritual warfare" can indeed affect the mind, body as well as the spirit.


We have found it is better not to take any chances and move forward to a stronger spiritual life in daily prayer and sacraments. The Rosary alone said daily can prevent these things. Assuming someone in your household does not "open doorways" with occult practices, that otherwise should remain shut. We have "free will" and certain practices can indeed counter the good you might do with prayer and penance to some degree. Our own choices can invite evil into our lives which may end as a haunting.

© 2009 Swords of Saint Michael

FIVE STEPS "SELF HELP" ( A very effective brief outline of "Self Deliverance")

1. Make your peace with God, search your soul for your sins, and repent and make immense for them. A Catholic/Orthodox should try to make a good confession.

“Oh My God, I am whole heartedly sorry, for having offended thee, and I detest all of my sins,
Especially [add specific ones here], because I dread the lost of heaven and the pains of Hell. But most of all I have offended thee my God, who are all good and deserving all my Love. I firmly resolve, with the help of thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance and to amend my life amen.”

2. Prep for the next steps with prayers, fasting, penance, put on your "armor of God".

3. Breaking curses.
To breaking any "attachments" proceed with prayers and method specific to breaking curses as these can come in a variety of ways.

NOTE: Non-Catholic may omit the portions within the braces "[ ]" in red.


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, [strengthened by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Blessed Michael the Archangel, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and all the Saints,] and powerful in the holy authority of His Precious and Wondrous Name, We ask, O Lord God, that you break and dissolve any and all curses, hexes, spells, seals, satanic vows and pacts, spiritual bondings and soul ties with satanic forces, evil wishes, evil desires, hereditary seals, snares, traps, lies, obstacles, deceptions, diversions, spiritual influences, and every dysfunction and disease from any source whatsoever, that have been placed upon our family and household; [and particularly upon [person's name] , whom we love very much.]

Father in Heaven, please rebuke these evil spirits and their effects and cast them away from this family [and particularly upon [person's name] ] so that we may continue to do Your Will and fulfill the mission you have for them to Your Greater Glory.

Thank you, Father, for hearing our prayer. We praise Your Holy Name and worship You and Love You. Thank You for the wisdom and light of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for enabling us through Your Holy Spirit to be aggressive against the works of the enemy. Thank You for Your Hope, that takes away discouragement; thank You for ongoing victory. " all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us" (Romans 837).

Father, We now place our enemies into your hands. Look with mercy upon them, and do not hold their sins against them. Anyone who has cursed our ` family and household, we now bless. Anyone who has hurt us, we now forgive. For those who have persecuted us, we now pray

Next, say one each:

Our Father who art in heaven
[Hail Mary...]
[Glory Be to the Father...]

O My Sweet Jesus, forgive us our sins and save us from the fires of Hell. Lead all souls to Heaven, and help especially those who are most in need of Thy Mercy.

[Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the other evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Heavenly Father, I love You, I praise You, and I worship You. I thank You for sending your Son Jesus Who won victory over sin and death for my salvation. I thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit Who empowers me, guides me, and leads me into fullness of life. [I thank You for Mary, my Heavenly Mother, who intercedes with the holy angels and saints for me.]
Lord Jesus Christ, I place myself at the foot of Your cross and ask You to cover me with Your Precious Blood which pours forth from Your Most Sacred Heart and Your Most Holy Wounds, Cleanse me, my Jesus, in the living water that flows from Your Heart. I ask You to surround me, Lord Jesus, with Your Holy Light.
Heavenly Father, let the healing waters of my baptism now flow back through the maternal and paternal generations to purify my family line of Satan and sin. I come before You, Father, and ask forgiveness for myself, my relatives, and my ancestors, for any calling upon powers that set themselves up in opposition to you or that does not offer true honor to Jesus Christ. In Jesus' Holy Name, I now reclaim any territory that was handed over to Satan and place it under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
By the power of Your Holy Spirit, reveal to me, Father, any people I need to forgive and any areas of unconfessed sin. Reveal aspects of my life that are not pleasing You, Father, ways that have given or could give Satan a foothold in my life. Father I give to You any unforgiveness; I give to You my sins; and, I give to You all ways that Satan has a hold of my life. Thank You, Father for these revelations, thank You, for Your forgiveness and Your love.
Lord Jesus, in Your Holy Name, I bind all evil spirits of the air, water, ground, underground, and netherworld. I further bind, in Jesus' Name, any and all emissaries of the satanic headquarters and claim the Precious Blood of Jesus on the air, atmosphere, water, ground and their fruits around us, the underground and the netherworld below.
Heavenly Father, allow Your Son Jesus to come now [with the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the holy angels and the saints] to protect me from all harm and to keep all evil spirits from taking revenge on me in any way.

(Repeat the following sentence three times:)

In the Holy Name of Jesus, I seal myself, my family, my relatives, this room, our home, our out buildings and the valued contents within, our property, all places in which we live, dwell, work, and travel upon. Our Automobiles, our appliances, furniture, (place, home, church, car, plane, etc.), our financial matters and all sources of supply in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

(To break and dissolve all satanic seals, repeat the following paragraph three times because satanic seals are placed three times.)

In the Holy Name of Jesus, I break and dissolve any and all curses, hexes, spells, snares, traps, lies, obstacles, deceptions, diversions, spiritual influences, evil wishes, evil desires, hereditary seals, known and unknown, and every dysfunction and disease from any source including my mistakes and sins. In Jesus' Name, I break and dissolve any and all links and effects of links with: astrologers; bohmos; channelers; charters; clairvoyants; crystal healers; crystals; fortune tellers; mediums; the New Age Movements; occult seers; palm, tea leaf, or tarot card readers; psychics; santeros; satanic cults; spirit guides; witches; witchdoctors; and Voodoo. In Jesus' Name, I dissolve all effects of participation in séances and divination, Ouija boards, horoscopes, occult games of all sorts, and any form of worship that does not offer true honor to Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus fill me with charity, compassion, faith, gentleness, hope, humility, joy, kindness, light, love, mercy, modesty, patience, peace, purity, security, serenity, tranquility, trust, truth, understanding, and wisdom. Help me to walk in Your Light and Truth, illuminated by the Holy Spirit so that together We may praise, honor, and glorify Our Father in time and in eternity. For You, Lord Jesus, are, ".the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6 NAB), and You ".have come that we might have life and have it more abundantly" (John 10:10 JB) "God indeed is my savior; I am confident and unafraid. MY strength and courage is the Lord, and he has been my savior" (Isaiah 12:2 JB). Amen. Alleluia. Amen.

4. Deliverance -
take steps to rebuke, cleanse the home.

Typically the home owner can say: "In the name of Jesus, I command all evil and unclean spirits to leave this place, go back to where you came from and never return."

Catholic Orthodox should use Holy water, and say three times in each room:
"In the name of Jesus, and by his precious blood, I command all evil and unclean spirits to leave this place, go back to where you came from and never return."

NOTE: It is generally recommend to NOT do these if you have a physically active haunting you could be in danger "shaking the beehive".
Consult with a specialist here first if you fear there may be some sort of "retaliation" or "payback".



Spirit of our God, Father, Son , and Holy Spirit, [Most Holy Trinity, Immaculate Virgin Mary, angels, archangels, and saints of Heaven,], descend upon me. Please purify me, Lord, mold me, fill me with Yourself, use me. Banish all the forces of evil from me, destroy them, vanquish them, so that I can be healthy and do good deeds. Banish from me all spells, witchcraft, black magic, malefice, ties, maledictions, and the evil eye; diabolic infestations, oppressions, possessions; all that is evil and sinful, jealousy, perfidy, envy; physical, psychological, moral, spiritual, diabolical ailments. Burn all these evils in hell, that they may never again touch me or any other creature in the entire world. *I humbly ask for the aid of God [and his Angles and Saints in heaven,] to command and bid all the powers who molest me -- by the power of God all powerful, in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary -- to leave me forever, and to be consigned into the everlasting hell, where they will be bound by Saint Michael the archangel, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, our guardian angels, and where they will be crushed under the heel of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

(*modified for a 'non-clergy' to recite)
My Lord, You are all powerful, You are God, You are Father. We beg You [through the intercession and help of the archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel,] for the deliverance of our brothers and sisters who are enslaved by the evil one. All saints of heaven, come to our aid.
From anxiety, sadness, and obsessions, We beg You: Free us, O Lord. From hatred, fornication, envy, We beg You: Free us, O Lord. From thoughts of jealousy, rage, and death. We beg You: Free us, O Lord. From every thought of suicide and abortion. We beg You: Free us, O Lord. From every form of sinful sexuality. We beg You: Free us, O Lord. From every division in our family, and every harmful friendship. We beg You: Free us, O Lord. From every sort of spell, malefice, witchcraft, and every form of the occult. We beg You: Free us, O Lord. Lord, You Who said, "I leave you peace, my peace I give you," grant that, [through the intercession of the Virgin Mary,] we may be liberated from every evil spell and enjoy Your peace always. In the Name of Christ, our Lord. Amen."

5. Prevention -
keep the protection prayers going doing a simply rebuke often to ensure it doesn't get a foot hold in.

Trusting in the promise that whatever we ask the Father in Jesus' name He will do, I(we) now approach You Father with confidence in Our Lord's words and in Your infinite power and love for me(us) and for our household and family, [and with the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, Blessed Archangel Michael, my(our) guardian angel(s) and the guardian angels of our household and family, with all the saints and angels of heaven,] and Holy in the power of His blessed Name, as ask you Father to protect our household and its members and keep us from the harassment of the devil and his minions.
Father I(we) ask in desire to serve You and adore You and to live our lives for You that You build a hedge of protection around our household, like that which surrounded Job, and to help us to keep that hedge repaired and the gate locked so that the devil and his minions have no access or means to breach the hedge except by your expressed will.

Father, I(we) am(are) powerless against the spiritual forces of evil and recognize my(our) utter dependence on You and Your power. Look with mercy upon me(us) and upon our household and family. Do not look upon our sins, O Lord; rather, look at the sufferings of your Beloved Son and see the Victim who's bitter passion and death has reconciled us to You. By the victory of the cross, protect us from all evil and rebuke any evil spirits who wish to attack, influence, or breach Your hedge of protection in any way. Send them back to Hell and fortify Your Hedge for our protection by the blood of Your Son, Jesus. Send your Holy Angels to watch over us and protect us.

Father, all of these things I(we) ask in the most holy name of Jesus Christ, Your Son. Thank you, Father, for hearing my(our) prayer. I(we) love You, I(we) worship You, I(we) thank You and I(we) trust in You. Amen.

PRAYER FOR OUR CHILDREN: (I say this one Daily)

We bow humbly before You, heavenly Father, to pray for our children, [names of children], and for our whole family. We bring our children and our family before You in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank You, Lord, that You love [names of children] and our entire family, with the love of Calvary. We thank You that You have given [names of children] to us to love and nurture in Christ.
We ask You to forgive us together as parents, and each of us alone in our roles as father and mother, for all our failures to guide our children in the way they ought to go. Help us Lord to be the parents You want us to be; that we may train [names of children] in Your ways, that we may model the Christ-life before them, so that when they grow-up they will love You and live for You.
Accepting our position through You of having "divine power to demolish strongholds"
(2 Cor. 10:4) that come into our family, we ask You Father to bring all the work of the Lord Jesus, [strengthened by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Blessed Michael the Archangel, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and all the Saints and Angels of Heaven,] and powerful in the holy authority of His Name, to focus directly against the powers of darkness that do now or may later bother, influence, and bind [names of children] and our family in any way; and specifically against (name specific areas of troubles or problems).
We pray that You shall bring the victory of our Lord's incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, Ascension, and glorification directly against all of Satan's power brought against us in our family and specifically in the lives of [names of children] . We ask You heavenly Father to bind up all power of darkness set to destroy [names of children] , or our family, and we loose [names of children] , and this family, from the influence and harassment of Satan and his demons, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We invite the blessed Holy Spirit to move in hearts of [names of children] that they may know the truth as they are able at their age. We invite the blessed Holy Spirit to move in our hearts and to convict us of sin, of righteousness, and of our responsibility as parents to raise [names of children] in Your name.

We plead the blood of Christ over [names of children] and this family. We claim for us a life yielded to serve the true and living God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

© 2009 Swords Of Saint Michael

As it is also vast "Self-help Guide", I also recommend this book:



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