Br. Kenneth’s Bio (Dec’d 8/21/1961 – 4/21/2019)


Br. Kenneth Deel OFS, and Sr. Farah Rose Deel OFS, are Franciscans of the Third order, and work for their Roman Catholic diocese of Springfield-Cape, for the “Office of Spiritual Deliverance & Exorcism”, as “Consultants”, Spiritual Warfare counselors, Field investigators, assisting exorcist, etc. They are also Diocese Certified Catechists, Marriage prep leaders, and are considered also for their work in “Evangelization” to bring people to the faith, along with the Office of Exorcism can show people the power of Jesus Christ through the church and it’s sacraments and tools of the church. Then there is “Swords of Saint Michael”, a world-wide extension of their ministry, working on an international level with their work in the Church. Education on these topics is a big part of what they do as well, in educating Laity, Clergy, and the general public, They currently have 6 books published on spiritual warfare and related topics…


Similar to St. Paul in Antioch, St. Patrick in Ireland:
We never restrict ourselves to helping people that are “Catholic faith only” in our work, counseling and ministry. We reach out to all denominations, and faiths or lack thereof.
We take our ministry of freedom and peace to everyone, not just “Christians”. We used only tried and faithful solutions that works for us and has worked for thousands of years. We will never use mixed methods.

1) We are Practicing Roman Catholic, Cradle Catholics, and now in our mid “Fifties”.

2) We are “Ecumenical” in our Ministry of “Haunting help”. (i.e. we assist in all denominations and faiths, not just “Catholics”)

3) We are NOT “Ghost Hunters”. We do not do this for entertainment purposes. Paranormal teams may call us to assist a negative haunt.

4) We do not go ghost hunting. We love to tour and photograph old houses, archeological ruins, etc. Although we do enjoy learning the history of older homes.

5) We do not practice “Spiritualism”, “divination”, “New Age”, “Necromancy”, etc. etc. (Refer to point #1)

6) Our list of “Facebook friends” vary in their faith, as we are “Ecumenical” in our help, and DO NOT exclude helping others. Since it is our ministry to heal, never assume we are ‘guilty by association’. To have only “Catholics” in our friends list for example would be “preaching to the Choir” now wouldn’t it? It is surely safer to stay in your own church or congregation, but is that how Jesus taught his Apostles do things?
(See: “Patrick in Ireland, Paul in Antioch)

7) We do not attempt to use any form of divination or ‘special people with gifts’ to solve a haunt to socialize, to be popular, or to appeal to the masses at the expense of our Roman Catholic faith practices. Nor do we extol any public exhortation of supernatural gifts, if God gave them to you would have no desire to brag of them.

8) Again, we do not simply “preach to the choir”, as we are like “Paul in Antioch”, Patrick In Ireland, we make ourselves available to nearly EVERYONE.

9) Part of our ministry is in Roman Catholic apologetics, and “defenders” of the church. If you have questions we would be happy to explain and If we cannot answer them can refer you to someone that went through seminary training familiar with Catholic Canon.

10) We do not used “Mixed faith” practices in our work in the field. Period. Ever!
(Don’t repeat the sins of Solomon! See alos point #5 and #7)

11) We send out many free medals, prayer beads, brochures, booklets, scapulars. Postage to foreign countries is pricey so we do not turn away any offers.

12) We do not charge anyone a cash fee, not even for the “Swords of Saint Michael” org members.

13) Please… Avoid your “false witness”, and for you own sake do not spread rumors, gossip, false notions about us. Based on mere observations, or the opinions of others.
READ READ READ! And feel free to ask us questions about our practices and philosophies, etc. CALL US at: 1+ 5739901333. Don’t go by initial impressions, open dialog if you have concerns rather than to ‘Gossip” about us and our Apostolate

14) We don’t ascribe to “Parapsychology” in our work. Been there done that long ago when we were young and naive. “Science” is considered “Natural” part of the natural world in investigation, and is always considered.

15) Sure to you we MAY look like “Hippies”, “Rockers” or “Gypsies”. Our exterior looks belie the sincere devotion to our faith in God and our desire to help as many people get to the truth and spirit as we can, in God’s grace. (See point # 1)

16) Yes, we like all kinds of genres music, not just Christian Music or “GOSPEL”, (Not with explicit lyrics), after all we are in our early 50’s not 90’s. ; )

17) We do all our own Artwork, and SFX engineering, websites, Graphics, logos, voice- overs, advertising, etc. Good thing too, we don’t have cash laying about to hire anyone to do our promotions. ; )
Side note: Rather than to criticize our website design and progress, please consider offering to help us make it better.

18) As both of us grew up experiencing our own “Hauntings” when we were very young children. Dark, evil, repetitive hauntings that continued into adulthood that gave us certain rare perspectives on the phenomenon.

19) To settle a misquote from my earliest book 10 yrs ago: “Baptism Renewal” is a good idea if you have “Flat-lined” (died and was revived), because it re-affirms your faith, blesses you, and includes the minor rite. It’s a great way to start a second chance in this world!

20) We investigate more like a super sleuth “detective”, not merely a “cop”, but a “detective”. A good analogy is If a crime has been committed, detectives don’t go to the scene to determine “If” there was a crime, but more the “Why”, “What”, “Who” etc. For us, by default these questions answer the “IF”, (Also refer to #3)

21) As individuals we follow the theology and teaching of the one Holy Roman Catholic church, and recognize Pope Francis as our Pope. No Catholic should denounce the seat of Peter, and should keep quiet about their disagreements as to not promote Catholics to leave the church. Pray for our Church leaders instead. And stay with Jesus church!

22) We DO recognize that ‘other’ Christian denominations can effectively rebuke evil spirits. We have seen it happen, this can not be argued. We also work with many non-denominational and other faith based Ministers that do successful deliverance. We do not knock anyone that successfully rebukes evil in Jesus name.
As Christ said to his disciples. “do not prevent him from casting out demons in my name. For he that is with us cannot be against us.” However, there is no authorioty outside the church that can more effectively rebuke evil spirits as a good pious Roman Catholic Exorcism can. This is a matter of statistics and historical fact! After all, Not just some biased opinion, why do you think we are till Roman Catholic all of these years?

23) Part of what we personally do, may include “Prayers of Liberation” if needed and especially of a Roman Catholic ‘priest’ is not available. The majority of cases we assist with are usually are handled by the individuals with simple prayer, daily behavior changes and a six to nine month monitoring period. The prayers we send used with faith, work in 96% of cases. Self-help is very powerful when the right prayers and actions are followed!
It is our to go as far as we can in any case, and only go to a Bishop if it requires a Priest/Exorcist to for a successful Liberation. Part of the work is to clearly discern the level of demonic influence, there is no “Trial and error”, initial discernment will provide information as to if it is indeed something that requires a Priest or a Bishop, or in some case a good “Christian” Psychiatrist. Self-help through the sacraments/ sacramentals of the church with prayer, “God helps those who help”.

24) Again, we DO NOT do Exorcisms, we leave that to ordained and authorized Roman Catholic Priests. This doesn’t mean that our prayers will be ignored, no Professed or laity can replace the power of the apostolate succession of that of an Ordained Roman Catholic Clergy.

25) We are Fully in a Roman Catholic Marriage, although we were both in a civil marriage prior to this, our previous marriages were annulled by the Roman Catholic church since both prior ‘marriages’ were performed by a Judge in only a civil ceremony. This is the first and only Christian/Catholic Marriage in true “Holy Matrimony”.
(We can tell the difference as we are indeed greater together as one than as

26) We do not recognize, participate or subscribe to the “charismatic” movement in the church. Either in our ministry, or personally in our practice of the faith.

27) We are fully recognized by our local Roman Catholic Bishop, and work, (not paid), in the diocese “Office of Spiritual Deliverance and Exorcism”, and we have been appointed to the ‘office’ by it’s director (Priest).

NOTE: Only local calls in the Springfield-Cape area Roman Catholic diocese can be handled directly by the “Office of Spiritual Deliverance and Exorcism”. All contacts outside this Jurisdiction will be handled through the “Swords Of Saint Michael”. Where we would can deal directly with your local priest and diocese in your area of the world, as needed.

28) Please do not confuse the schisms, and fraudulent self proclaimed Catholic clergy, churches and ministries with our. We are Roman Catholic, “Old Catholic”, Old Roman Catholic”, Liberal Catholic”, FSSV, etc, are not recognized by the church and have no valid sacraments or holy orders, nor do they hold apostolate succession.

28) These are some of the duties we have taken on over the years to present:

-Marriage Preparation Counseling for the diocese

-Evangelization. (convert those outside the Catholic faith, into the Church)

-Spiritual Warfare counselors

-Investigation of potential demonic Cases for the diocese “Office of Exorcism” and abroad.

-Helping to Discern “Mental/Fraud” versus “True Possession”

-We will assist our appointed Priest(s) with Exorcisms.

-Provide and recite ”Deliverance prayers” for the spiritual afflicted

-Send sacramentals, prayers and other tools for self-help and the Catholic/Christian faith.

-Educate on the about topics, through lectures, books, website, videos, etc. (Laity
and Clergy) Etc.

– Certified Roman Catholic Catechist Leaders-

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Thank you all.. God bless you and keep you from evil…

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