Formerly The Demonology Today Radio Show


Hosted By Br. Kenneth Deel & Sr. Farah Rose Deel, OFS, Franciscans, 40+ years of studies, research and experience in their field in Demonology, and Spiritual Warfare counseling. DEMONOLOGY TODAY is a radio show designed to provide an educational resource for those who want to learn and understand “Hauntings”, and Demonic Infestation, Oppression, and possession, as well as Spiritual Warfare. Our topics of discussion, as well as our special guests in this area of study, will help to provide a valued resource of information in understanding and dealing with Ghosts, Demons, and Hauntings in general.

The Goal of “Demonology Today” is to help pass on our knowledge to the listener as to provide for many a better knowledge and understanding of “demonic hauntings” and “hauntings” in general.  A “Demonology 101” if you will, where we will try to keep it as comprehensive from everyone, regardless of faith, to a certain extent, universal, however much of the topics, theories, theology, provided are primarily of that Christian-Judeo perspective, do not adhere to any philosophy, ideal, and theory that is against the Catholic faith


Demonology Today Radio Show began in 2007 as a mainstream radio broadcast, the goal was to reach the rest of the world with topics and to educate the truth and ideas more so shared by those of the Catholic/Christian faith. Rather than would-be ghost hunters, self-proclaimed “parapsychologist” and others. Some of the guests were selected to share their story, and experiences, this was to help spread the awareness that these extreme case exist, and are a concern to today society. And not merely ones, imagination, or “digested piece of beef…”. During the interview, Ken and co-host would add in facts relating t the experiences.
For example, the guest would tell how they were so afraid during an encounter, Ken might say something like. “They thrive on fear and often the experience for children may be more to draw fear, in part also to dissipate faith”. Some variations of this format were the Swords of Saint Michael roundtable discussions. Which was a typical format that you might expect from the name, where the host brings forth a topic and let everyone shed their thoughts on it?  This show was unique for its time, and is still unmatched today, in how it kept the TRUE FACTS in the light to avoid confusing and misguided “opinions” that could come from some guest, as some guest were in the least controversial. In later Years, when Kenneth Wife Farah Rose Joined the show, the show continued this format, but in the last days before moving to their, video tv show. It became more of a “roundtable” discussion, with Ken and Farah hosting. The show also played on FM radio and spanned across several networks over time, finally settling on their own network they set up.


In an attempt to speak in the terminology of the mainstream, the word “Demonologist” is a buzzword for who would be called a “Spiritual Warfare Counselor” in the Christian world for example.  Even today, people keyword search “Demonologist” and are able to find us before a Ghost Hunter team, “Psychic-Medium“. Because it is a very familiar title, that the mainstream public is familiar with. On the original slate for a title was “Demonology 101“, as was “Catholic Demonology Today“, or “Christian Demonology Today”.


The Show made a transition to VIDEO/TV in 2017, it is now called: “The Reel Deel’s TV“. The format has changed in two ways mainly.

1. An Added news segment at the topic of the hour, following the opening prayer, where we comment on a few news items related to spiritual warfare. The “Ask a Demonologist” segment is a remnant of DT RADIO, as is the movie review, which appears in the line up from time to time.
Show guest, however, is almost non-existent but will appear from time to time on rare occasion. The featured line up will be in may shows for commentary on news and other topics. Of Deborah Johnson, Michael Norton,  & Christopher Sampson.