NEW Audio CDs

Repel Demons of the Air, an audio CD containing 16 common prayers of the church in Ecclesiastical Latin.

Works with any CD player.

Price: $12.95 + $3.49 shipping.

Contains these 16 prayers read in Latin: 1. Credo(I Believe), 2. Pater Noster(Our Father), 3. Ave Maria(Hail Mary), 4. Salve Regina(Hail Holy Queen), 5. Litany of Humility, 6. Litaniae Sanctorum(Litany of the Saints), 7. Litaniae Lauretanae(Litany of Loretto), 8. Saint Michael prayer short form, 9. Saint Michael prayer long form, 10. Angelus(Three Hail Mary), 11. De Profundis(Psalm 130), 12. Magnificat(Canticle of the Blessed Virgin Mary) 13. Memorare(remember), 14. Divine Praises, 15. Stella Maris(Our Lady Star of the Sea), 16. Litany of the Precious Blood of Christ.

The Holy Rosary, an audio CD containing the joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries of the rosary in English, prayed by Br. Kenneth Deel, OFS.

Price: $12.95 + $3.49 shipping.

Contents: Joyful Mysteries in English, Sorrowful Mysteries in English, Glorious Mysteries in English. Works with any CD player.