I have often nicknamed the Rosary, the 8th Sacrament. When non of the other sacraments can be accessed, the Rosary is the next best thing.
Saint Padre Pio called it “The most powerful weapon in Spiritual Warfare”. We definitely recommend to all, the “Rosary Novena”, for ANYONE with Ongoing problems.
Even those with continual demonic oppression, not just temporial/basic needs as it is the BIG GUNS of the heavenly prayers.
And miraculous things have happened, even a man getting primary custody of his children, miraculous cures of cancer, and other diseases. Jesus listens to his mother
in heaven as he did on earth. At the Wedding of Cana, it wasn’t Mary’s Wedding, it was for a relative. They ran out of Wine to early, so on behalf on the happy couple,
Mary went to Jesus and ask for a Miracle. He granted her request and the gathered Water had changed to Wine. This is an example of ‘Intercession”, a topic many fail
to understand as asking for prayers is NOT the same as “Worship” and “Adoration”. Our heavenly mother is receiving a request to take our petition to Jesus, even the
“Hail Mary” prayer makes clear “Pray for us sinners”. It does NOT say, save us sinners, or gives us salvation, etc.
Remember also the “Hail Mary prayer” consist of BIBLE QUOTES, The Angel Gabriel said “Hail Mary full of grace…”, “Cousin Elizabeth said “Blessed art thou among
women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus”. Jesus gave us his mother as he hung on the cross, we talk to our “Heavenly mother” to ask Jesus for our miracles
but through the rosary.
The A Rosary Reflects upon, honors the life of Jesus from the “Annunciation” to the “Ascension” into Heaven. Mary is Honored through to her “Coronation”.

(Read more about the Rosary HERE)

The Rosary NOVENA…

is said for 52 days straight. Starting of course with the Joyful mysteries. The first half is petitioning the intention. Remember to pray for God’s will,
you prayer will be answered according to God’s will. The first 27 days is essentially 3 set of 9 days.
Nine Days you know is a typical novena duration, since the FULL ROSARY is actually the Joyful, the Sorrowful, and the Glorious. So three sets of Nine gets the
WHOLE rosary done. Because of the 52 day commitment can be difficult, a longer stretch I see is more of a demonstration of faith and consistency. Luke 18:1-8
gives an example, of how persistence can prevail, as humans are fickle, we see in our children how they stop asking for a certain toy after the memory of the
commercial begins to fade. It is clear to us they didn’t want it so much. The second 27 days of the 54 is in thanking Mary for taking our petition to Jesus, and
thanking our Father in heaven for answering our prayer according to his holy will.

Notes: Despite of what you heard elsewhere, IF do you miss one day by accident, you have to start over. Unless you have made it past the first 27 day, you will
only have to start from the second half.
Try very hard to do a very reverent, faithful, honorable Rosary.
Read about how to say a good rosary prayers, you are praying for a very serious matter, take the prayers seriously also, don’t allow interruptions for example.
Let the phone ring, the text chirp, it is your time of prayer on a very serious matter. Remember that!
After you finish you might want to keep it going with a Daily rosary, it really helps keep the peace. This is one reason we keep blogging telling ALL of you in the
trenches of spiritual warfare. To not think it is normal to have hardships and misfortunes, ongoing chronic illness that began after starting you ministry, etc.

You can watch the videos if you already know the prayers, to help you meditate watching the images, and following with Br. Kenneth is saying the Rosary

If you do not know the prayers by memory, you can learn more here: