Children who See Ghosts

With all the bad info from TV shows and movies I felt an extra need to bring all of the help information into one section as to help our most precious assets. Our children.

Please don’t take your child’s experiences at night lightly.  TV shows and movies are making people think these are somehow special gifts, when it is more of a “curse”, and should be treated as such.


Are they baptized? As I mentioned, baptism is more than a mere “christening” or an “anointing” of a child, it is indeed a ‘blessing’ and also a “simple”  and lesser level “exorcism” to help break generational curses and possible attachments. If this is not done, the child can be affected by these ‘negative’ spirits.  (See related section for more info) Children after the age of reason can so choose to renew their baptism vows, or become “confirmed” if they are to be Catholic.  There is nothing wrong with giving a child a positive blessing in such a way, contrary to later choices they might make in life towards another “Belief system” perhaps.  I am unsure why people choose to hold off on this when it can affect their child’s life to not have these possible “attachments” removed.

2.They should be taught to ‘ignore’.

 It is true that “recognition” can play a part, as they should not acknowledge the presence of any would-be “spirits”.  We can be aware of their presence, but again we don’t want to make eye contact, they should at most just begin to take a defensive action while sitting still and keeping in mind they are there. I would tell my child to “come and get me”, rather than to face it alone. They should not invite or be friendly but to tell them to leave when necessary.

3.Tell them they are not welcome here!

As a parent you need to make it clear that any and all spirits are not allowed in your house, and they are to stay away from your child. Make such a declaration, when you do, you take steps in deliverance as outlined in the later pages of this book.  Remember if they are seeing spirits, you have beings “Uninvited” in your home that are scaring your child. Tell them to leave and never return!

4.They should be taught to NOT BE AFRAID.

Build on their faith and not their fear.  We must avoid exposing children to R Rated movies,  and horror flicks for example. When they begin to realize their guardian angels, and other good spirits are in God’s army for intercession,  it will be like having an “invisible” body guard.  Prayers and talks with them will help to build faith over fear. Always let him/her know they can come to Mommy or Daddy or a resident family member if needed. Again always leave yourselves “accessible” at night.

5.Get them protection.

 A Saint Benedict medal on a metal chain around the neck, with a Miraculous medal is recommended. Teach  them to bless themselves with holy water daily. Blessed rosaries, crucifixes, positive symbols are always good also. Just that if there is a haunting more apparent than what the child sees, there may be a danger of “Provocation” of the spirits, which might draw retaliation. These two medals I mentioned, should be worn tucked under the clothes. They are  designed to protect and will not provoke if ‘tucked’ away.

6.Catholics: The sacraments.  

If they are in the age of reason, time to get them to first communion, and confession, (the sacrament of reconciliation), confession, and “confirmation” if they are over the age of twelve.

7.Holy water bed side.

In case of emergency… This and other measures are to remove the unwanted ‘strangers’ as we would a pest with a can of insecticide or intruders with mace.  The type of bottle with the spout that can be closed off.  Go to a Catholic church and the stainless steel vat in the back is where the holy water is.  You might have to teach them how to use this also, empowering him/her this way to a certain extent is going to also relieve fear. We never want to assume they can get Dad or Mom if a spirit gets “Too scary”

8.Teach them prayers.

 Teach them the easy prayer first “Leave this place,  In the name of Jesus and by his precious blood (sprinkle holy water near where the offending spirit is appearing), leave this place, and go back to where you came from and never return.”  Angel of God prayer, Saint Michael prayer, Hail Mary.  We teach kids about  “Taking candy and car rides from strangers”, dealing with dark spirits for some will be part of daily concern. Sometimes the spirits might not make it easy for them to leave. Don’t assume they always can run to you at will.

9.Don’t assume it is a “Gift”, more often this is a “curse”. 

Do look to the positive, try to solve this problem, don’t consider it a gift. Your child is most likely NOT an oracle assigned by God to help spirits in passing.  Regardless of your more ‘positive’ view or mere ignorance, it doesn’t change that there is a grave danger a foot.   Remember how I stress “better safe than sorry”? It applies here. We want to weed out any possibility of a negative spirit’s influence and affect first by following all suggestions. Keep in mind the way Reverend Mother handled the case with Lorraine Warren as a child at that Catholic school.

10.The child should NOT be taught or practicing “magic” or occult practices. 

Some are far too impatient to impose their faith onto their children. My son attends church with me every Sunday and I don’t force him to participate. He doesn’t understand allot of it. And I don’t expect him to. Even as he kneels when the blessed sacrament is open, during the communion rite.  Not a “PC” thing here they are too young to deal with fickle spirits.  Be sure a baby sitter, or a family member isn’t getting them involved with occult practices at an early age.

11.Listen to your child.

…And without giving too much recognition to what they are seeing is real. Trust me it is better they don’t think you believe in it entirely. We are trying to teach them how to not be afraid while advising them in how to deal with this.  Ask your child questions without raising fear, so you can better judge if it is imagination or real concern.

12.Don’t buy into the masquerade.

Dead relatives revisiting more than once, the ghost of children all can be part of a demonic ploy. Don’t buy into it. And neither should your child! They must avoid contact with these spirits, God will not have children do tasks that adults should do. There is no business for a “good’ spirit to bother a child. I always suspect it is evil regardless of the description.  There is nothing to lose by assuming it as such.

13.Pray for them nightly.

I never need to tell a parent to pray for their child, but we have to do more than usual if they are affected by supernatural circumstances. Say the “prayer for our children” (In this book), the Saint Michael prayer.  And the other prayers to “break curses” and deliverance.

14.“Cleanse” their room daily if you feel the need.

15.Consider changing their room.

Switch rooms with them, the experiences might actually be favoring one room in the house. If this can’t be done consider rearranging the furniture. This has proven to slow down or stop activity for at least a couple of days.  It is also good for the psychology to give the scary room a less  notable similarity to relate the bad dreams and encounters with.

16.Keep the room very clean

It is true, that activity and appearances have increased in many cases in a ‘mess’ versus a more clean room. Seriously!

17.Prep the room for them

Remove dark black clothes, or hangings draped over chairs, etc. Close closet doors, drawers and cabinets, and lock them. Close window shades, etc.  Check their bed and in the closet, this is to indirectly show them nothing is in there. And while you are at it, you can sprinkle  some holy water even in those places.

18.Provide Night lights.

Fifteen watt night lights aren’t bad. I might even go with a small lamp with a 40 watt bulb. So long as it doesn’t interfere. Don’t make them sleep in the dark! Your electric bill won’t notice a difference.

19.Don’t let them play video games

…or talk on the phone so close to bed. There is something to that “electro-magnetic chaos” the guy in the natural food store might have mentioned to you the last time you picked up some vitamins.  It might be a matter of stimulating the brain, as being near EMFs might cause. So help the child stay away from too much of these exposures, especially after supper time and closer to bed. Some “adrenalin” might also play a part in these interactive games and can stir up the brain and body. Not something you want to do before bedtime.

20.No snacks!

Sugar snacks, especially just before bed time should be avoided to keep the mind from being more fed to enhance experiences at night (i.e. “Scrooge- Marley’s” supposed “undigested beef” )

21.Are they Active enough during the day? Getting enough sleep at night?

Consider how active they might be, and are they ‘sleepy’ before bed? If you can help them to be asleep the entire night soundly it would be better. Especially as the other points here are covered. Prescribed medicine might be in order to help them sleep so long as they are wearing protection and other means. Do that as many other things are being done to ensure there safety. And I would consider moving them to your room to sleep if things are so bad that medication is being considered.

22.Turn on the TV

 Let them fall asleep watching it. I can say sometimes this works as it did for me,  while with others, they suspected it caused an ‘increase’ in apparitions.

Without going into details as to why, sometimes we try these things. In this try one way or another.

23.Get them a “White noise” sound box.

You can get them in stores in the baby supplies sections. This has also helped to prevent the “voices” from being heard. Again sometimes one key thing to do is to not give attention and if something works to “drown them out” that is good.


Some of these tips assume it is the right thing to teach the child to defend itself against these unwanted visitors. Now that isn’t always the right thing to do. Especially as the child is much younger. Use your common sense as a parent, and pray about it. If you feel it is better to protect the child, then proceed…

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