Prayers by the Bead

Saint Benedict unbreakable Rosary~Exorcism and deliverance, protection from evil, Crown of thorns Catholic rosary~Prayers by the bead

Prayers by the bead exclusive. An entire 5 decade rosary with all St Benedict medals. Heavy Metal finish on all these individually amazing exorcised beads of holiness! An exorcism on every bead you pray. Powerful Spiritually and weighty in your hands!

Very long and large 56″ long measured around and down 9-10 hours to make, sterling silver plate parts, wire wrapped on 20 gauge wire, come together in a one of a kind, stunning representation of faith and fearlessness in Christ Jesus!


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Aquamarine St Michael chaplet, Pearl rosary, Unbreakable heirloom rosary, St Michael Medal~Prayers by the bead

St Michael Choirs Rosary Embellished rosary, vintage appeal in this unique chaplet. Heavenly choirs of angelic beauty in this wire wrapped gemstone, nine choirs chaplet. Featuring Aquamarine, Opalite and genuine pearl, designed to inspire prayer. These colors are incredibly unique together!

Gems from the sea, genuine nacred pearl in 6x7mm make up the body of the prayer chain, 8 mm Aquamarine for the Choirs. Separated by a silvertone scrolled connectors and a hand crafted full color custom, waterproof cameo.


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St Michael Cameo chaplet,Police & Sheriffs Patron Saint, Crystal Angel rosary-Prayers by Bead

A prayer chaplet to honor all the choirs of Archangels, the most powerful angels of the heavens. Created in the brillant colors of the light of his Throne, white and gold, this is angelic inspiration.

St Michael is the patron Saint of all armed forces personnel, Military service men and women, police officers and people who lay thier life on the line for another.


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St Michael Sterling Chaplet, Red Garnet Catholic Rosary, Archangel Choirs, Supernatural protection, Sterling Cameo~ Prayers by The Bead

Saint Michael Sterling Silver Gemstone Chaplet, a nine Choirs Rosary, in an unbreakable heirloom, one of a kind design. A Prayers by the bead original.

Your very own guardian angel protection with the beauty of these genuine semiprecious gemstones, smooth polished deep red semiprecipus Garnet . This unique one of a kind design, combined a reclained Sterling filigree pin made into a cameo frame. This frame features my own hand crafted, sterling silver St Michael cameo.


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Stations of the cross Jade Rosary, Our Lady of Sorrows, Enameled~ Embellished Vintage design, Prayers by the Bead

Mater Dolorosa or the Seven Sorrows of Mary an original custom cameo set in a hand enameled custom color frame, this is the central point of this unique classic Dominican 5 decade Rosary. Crafted old world, vintage style, with each component being hand wire wrapped by professed religious hands. Soft, sapphire agate and deep faceted blue Jade framed with organic tiny sapphires.

This hand crafted rosary began as an original in house design, starting with the “Stations of the Cross” hand enameled Crucifix. 8mm large blue Agate are accented on ends of grouped ave’s by crowning caps and faceted sapphire beads. Silver plated argent, 20 gu wire wraps each of these precious gems of the earth.


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Stella Maris Rosary, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Sailors Protection, Purgatory Souls, Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Prayers by the Bead

Stella Maris unbreakable rosary devotion, called Our Lady Star of the Sea since about 800 AD, the Sailors or those that work on water’s Protection, Heaven and Earth Jasper. A lovely embellished all occasion Catholic gift. Habd crafted into this unbreakable heirloom devotion by religious professed.

Stella Maris Rosary, long considered prayerful protection for those working on, in or around water. This is a custom chaplet of Stella Maris or Our Lady Star of the Sea featuring old world craftsmanship, an exclusive design to this etsy shop, a custom color cameo with a vintage image of Our Lady Star of the Sea, each and every component carefully gallery wire wrapped.


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St Michael Color Cameo, Rosary Marker lobster claw, Patron St for police soldiers warriors, Vintage Cameo space keeper ~ Prayers by the bead

Lovely simple looped frame encircles this deep, dark, vintage image of venerated Archangel St Michael, Patron Saint of people that serve in the military, police and warriors who serve justice. Rosary Marker wirewrapped securely attached lobster claw, measures 2 1/4″ from top of lobster claw to bottom of silver tone filligree frame.

Custom color, made into a waterproof cameo of St Michael rosary space keeper ~ Prayers by the bead exclusive. (Send me your image to create timeless devotional momentos! Or request quote for sterling silver!)


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Three Hail Mary Rosary, Enameled Miraculous Mary Medal,Catholic pocket rosary, Unbreakable Heirloom Rosary~Prayers by the bead

Large 16mm amethyst, perfect for arthritic hands features a large, custom enameled Miraculous Mary medal. This one is embellished, features silver tone scrolled caps and agate, with twisted circle link connectors to the elaborate florentine crucifix.

This is very sturdy for a daily pocket rosary, each piece professionally gallery wire wrapped by professed religious, presented here in a large gemstone portable chaplet. This beautiful prayer reminder is perfect to carry.


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St Benedict Medal ring, Sterling Silver Exorcism ring, Unique Custom Design ~ Catholic Saint ring, Protection from evil~ Prayers by the bead

St Benedict, protector and defender against demonic forces, an exorcism on the face of this medal protects one from demonic evil, the words in Latin proclaim. I make these from sz 1 to 11 and all half and quarter sizes in between.

This ring is an original reproduction piece containing an ancient Reproduction St Benedict Medal, circa 1880 based on a design found that originated circa 1475, containing an effective exorcism. This medal has been minted for over 600 yrs and the design has been around fro longer than that. The St Benedict medal is worn for protection from poisoning and evil spirits – St Benedict is also the patron of a happy death.


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St Raphael, God Heals, Tiffany image, Gold Angel Earrings, Angel Jewelry,Chandeliers,Drop earrings,Vintage,Wire wrapped Earrings

Saint Raphael has been the angel to go to for intercession for healing. Raphael means “God heals”. As the story in Tobit, the angel Raphael is known as the patron Saint of healing.

These handcrafted cameo earrings images are from famous Cathedral windows. I have combined a very old St Raphael Tiffany’s Angel with purple, olive and gold, with blue globe faceted drop crystals. All wirewrapped securely in these colorful earrings.


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